Call for Papers: Revista de Arquitectura RA 22 (2020)

Call for Papers: Revista de Arquitectura RA 22 (2020)
Deadline: 1st February 2020

The Escuela de Arquitectura – Universidad de Navarra is pleased to announce that the digital version of Revista de Arquitectura – RA 21 (2019) – Architecture for Museums / Arquitectura para los museos (guest edited by Pedro Ignacio Alonso) has come out and it will soon be available in physical format too.
The previous issue of the publication, RA 20 (2018) – Nature as Construction Material, is now available open access and can be accessed throught its website.
A new call for papers has been launched for the RA 22 (2020) with the theme
Material Oriented Ontology.
The deadline to submit is February 1st, 2020.
Proposed subjects include:
Local Architecture vs Global Architecture;
 Aesthetics and Ethics of Sustainability;
Theories and Pioneers of Ecological Awareness;
Paradigms, Utopias and Manifestos, Materials;
High Tech or Soft Tech Strategies;
Technology and Matter;
Second Life. Recycling;
Economics of the Ecosystem;
Design from the Creation of Materials;
Design for Disappearance;
Zero miles Construction;
Construction as a Model of Social Regeneration;
Real Valuation of Material Impact;
Design for the interaction of varied life cycles; deconstruct;
Mines and Landfills;
The True Cost of our Objects;
New Deal on Materials;
Semantic Issues in Ecological Vocabulary;
Challenges and Threats of “Green Washing”;
Planet Earth 2050;
Water as the only element.
To know more on how to submit papers for the RA magazine visit the link or check the RA22_Call for papers_pdf
To know more about the issue RA 21 (2019) please check the RA website.

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