The Space of Romanian Modernity, 1906-1947

 How did Romanian society relate to modernity in the first half of the twentieth century? What was the dynamic of its evolution, when viewed through the prism of a period extending before and after the inter-war years? ‘The Space of Romanian Modernity’ sets out to capture the complex, multiple facets of this period, using architecture as a sensitive tool of exploration. Structured around the archives of three representative architects – Henriette Delavrancea, Octav Doicescu and Paul Smărăndescu -, with numerous designs presented in the original as well as paintings, decorative art and period films, the exhibition goes beyond strictly architectural problematics to reconstruct an image of Romanian modernity.

 An exhibition organised by the Order of Romanian Architects and curated by Carmen Popescu  

The Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest  October 27 – December 12 2010

Web: http://www.muzeultaranuluiroman.ro/  Address: Şoseaua Kiseleff 3, Sector 1, Bucharest, 011341, Romania  Access: metro Piata Victoriei I or bus 205 and 300  ИЗТОЧНИК НА ИНФОРМАЦИЯТА   EAHN




Interaction of Colour & Light in the Arts and Sciences

AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland  www.aic2011.org


AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting of the International Colour Association (AIC)

7–10 June 2011, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Theme Much interest is devoted to the interaction of colour & light in today’s scientific and artistic research communities. New technologies, materials and media are now being deployed to enhance and stimulate our experience of daily life in real and virtual, permanent and ephemeral environments. The aim of the AIC 2011 conference is to explore how the interaction of colour & light plays a crucial role in the perception, conception and realization of spaces and platforms in different fields from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Using terms and concepts such as appearance, interaction, performance, event, and by privileging the materiality, mediality and the interactive dimension of colour & light, the conference presentations should demonstrate how productive the theme of the INTERACTION OF COLOUR & LIGHT IN THE ARTS AND SCIENCES is. The fields of inquiry include: education, design, art, media, lighting, architecture, theatre, dance, as well as psychology, colour science and technology. The AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting aims to further discussion and nurture the latest findings in these various fields.

Conference Topics and Sub-Topics Submissions will be accepted for consideration in any of the topics mentioned below. Authors are required to name the most relevant topic and sub-topic with respect to their submissions’ content.

1. SPACE: a. visual culture; b. photography; c. design; d. lighting; e. interior architecture; f. architecture; g. urbanism; h. environment; i. landscaping; j. visionary projects

2. STAGE: a. performance; b. art; c. museography; d. scenography; e. techniques of staging; f. theatre, performing body; g. dance, movement; h. music, sound; i. virtual projects

3. EDUCATION: a. teaching aids; b. methodology; c. theory; d. terminology; e. static and electronic media; f. multimedia

4. PSYCHOLOGY: a. colour perception; b. harmonious interactions; c. emotional interactions; d. illusions resulting through light and colour interaction

5. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: a. colour science; b. physiology and psychophysics; c. colour appearance and measurement; d. materiality, texture, surface; e. transparency and translucency, reflection and glossiness

6. COMPUTER GRAPHICS: a. colour in computer vision; b. colour in graphic design; c. multimedia in colour imaging; d. computer graphics scene rendering; e. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) environments

Extended Abstract Submission Submit an extended abstract in English in order to participate with an oral paper or a poster presentation in the AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting. The length of the abstract should not be less than 500 nor more than 2000 words following the submission template andguidelines provided at the website www.aic2011.org. Any accepted author is required to participate in the AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting and pay the early registration fee as a full delegate. If multiple, same-single-author abstracts are submitted and accepted, only one will be scheduled for oral or poster presentation. Multiple contributions as a co-author are only possible if another co-author registers, presents the paper and participates in the AIC 2011 conference. Submit only unpublished works.

Please send your submission as both an attached WORD-file (DOC or DOCX files) and a PDF-file (Acrobat).

All submissions should be sent to: info@aic2011.org 

After sending your abstract, if you haven’t received a confirmation E-Mail within three days, please contact: vmschindler@yahoo.com

Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 November 2010

Important Deadlines

Submission of Abstracts for Oral Papers and Posters                       15 November 2010

Notification of Author Acceptance                                                    5 January 2011

Advanced Registration and Author Registration

Please note that at least one author per submission must register for attendance at the conference; t

his is necessary in order for publication of the paper in the Conference Proceedings.        31 January 2011

Submission of Short Abstracts for Book of Abstracts                       5 February 2011

Submission of Final Texts for Publication

Please read Conference Publications & Copyright Regulations                     5 March 2011

Late Registration                                                                               31 May 2011

AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting (Conference)                                        7–10 June 2011

Language All abstracts, posters and full papers for publication in the Proceedings as well as oral presentations must be in English.

Presentation Methods for Accepted Papers

a. Oral Presentation

Oral presentations should be 15–20 minutes and invited lectures 30–40 minutes in duration. Final acceptance of papers for oral presentations will be decided by the AIC 2011 Scientific Committee. The AIC 2011 Scientific Committee reserves the right to schedule any papers accepted as oral presentations in the topic or sub-topic section that best suits the content and organisation of the programme.

b. Poster Presentation

The final paper submission’s content is to be presented in a graphic form following the guidelines for posters. The work should be presented as a single sheet world format (F4, 90 x 128 cm, portrait format). Those papers accepted for presentation as posters will beon display throughout the AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting. Authors of posters will be required to attend allocated sessions to discuss their work.

Accepted Paper Submission

Along with a peer review and letter of acceptance, accepted authors will also receive format requirements and guidelines for short abstracts as well as full papers (final texts).

Deadline for Submission of Short Abstracts: 5 February 2011

The short abstract will be published in the AIC 2011 Book of Abstracts.

Deadline for Submission of Final Texts: 5 March 2011

All papers accepted by the AIC 2011 Scientific Committee with at least one registered author per submission participating at the conference will be included in the AIC 2011 Conference Proceedings.

We look forward to welcoming you to Zurich!

For programme outline, registration details and updated information, please visit our website


For further questions, please contact:  Verena M. Schindler, General Chair AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland

E-Mail: info@aic2011.org                                            Hosted by pro/colore Swiss Colour Association 


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