Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 8th Edition Call For Papers


Every city possesses a unique and valuable identity that is expressed through its physical and visual form. This identity is perceived by its residents and users, shaping their collective memories. The city’s identity comprises its physical spaces and the images formed through memory cues, which in turn affect tourism, education, culture, and economic prosperity. Arts and architecture play a significant role in shaping the history of civilizations and fostering the growth of ancient and modern cities. This extends beyond buildings and constructions to encompass traditions, cultural beliefs, and communal arts.

By honoring our traditions and civilizations, which have left behind architectural wonders, we pave the way for future generations to develop and preserve their own identity. Through the discipline of architecture which is as ancient as humanity itself, safety and security, evolved from being a basic need against external threats to sophisticated art forms that express cultural identity and present architectural beauty to the world.

IEREK is delighted to announce that this year’s conference will take place in the University of Cagliari and the University of Portsmouth provides a remarkable backdrop for our exploration of cities’ identities and the transformative power of architecture and arts.

Cagliari, offers a unique example of urban identity that perfectly aligns with the aims of our conference. The city’s rich history, architectural splendor, and vibrant artistic heritage make it an ideal setting for engaging discussions and immersive experiences related to the theme of identity through architecture and arts.

During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the distinctiveness of Cagliari’s urban identity. From the captivating , with its architectural marvels, to the charming streets and squares that reflect the city’s cultural heritage, Cagliari offers a living testament to the profound interplay between architecture, arts, and the identity of a city.

Exploring Cagliari’s urban fabric will provide valuable insights and inspiration for participants as they explore into the conference’s diverse program of events. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and the multifaceted dimensions of cities’ identities, drawing upon Cagliari’s unique example as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and exploration.


The “Cities Identity through Arts and Architecture” conference envelops topics concerning the conservation of cities’ identities through arts and architecture. It addresses multiple topics of contention concerning cities’ heritage and conservation efforts, such as the influence of artistic expression and creativity on cities’ safety, traditional artistic techniques & architecture, historical eras, and their construction practices, and sustainable preservation practices.

Statement of Purpose

Set in culturally rich Italy, the 8th edition of CITAA intends to develop a healthy discourse surrounding the topic of heritage preservation, and the maintenance of cities’ identities in an increasingly evolving world. Historical architectural marvels and traditional cultural norms are wells of inspiration, that younger generations can reflect upon and be inspired, iterating upon the works of their forefathers, and leading their nation forward. This conference aims to highlight sustainable methods of heritage & identity preservation and the significance of historical dimensions in shaping contemporary design.

  • 17, Sep / 19, Sep 2024
  • University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

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Conference Coordinator
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