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Demolition Threat: Monument ´1300 Years Bulgaria´
by Valentin Startchev, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1981
DATE: 13/7/2017

Docomomo International wishes to draw your attention for the threatened future that the Monument ‘1300 Years Bulgaria’ (Sofia, Bulgaria) is facing after has been confirmed its dismantling and destruction by the Sofia City Council.

The Monument ‘1300 Years Bulgaria’ was built in 1981, to celebrate and symbolize the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian State’s foundation. Designed by the sculptor Valentin Starchev, this unique monument was conceived to be part of a large scale urban ensemble, which also includes the Bulgarian National Palace of Culture. This art piece represents an aesthetical architectural composition, constituted by three concrete bodies and three figurative sculptural elements, forming a spiral that culminates in a bronze wing. The monument has exceptional cultural, artistic, architectonic and social values which add meaning and significance to its historical symbolism.

Docomomo International painfully realizes that Sofia Municipality has already started the dismantling process and no preventive measures are expected to be undertaken in order to maintain this monument, neither its conservation and restoration.

Docomomo International wishes to express its fully support to the efforts being carried out and other actions under development in order to preserve the Monument ‘1300 Years Bulgaria’, that should be fully preserved, taking into consideration its historical value and the willing to maintain its integrity and authenticity for future generations. We have the duty to preserve this important legacy within the international world of art and architecture.

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